Quick Link: Glassdoor.com’s 50 Best Places to Work

Gold trophyGlassdoor.com, a site most known for anonymous, often angry reviews of various workplaces, has announced its Best Places to Work for 2010. Facebook tops the list, followed by perennial employee favorite Southwest Airlines. Several consulting firms are in the top 10, as are General Mills, public relations firm Edelman, software firm SAS and financial trading firm Susquehanna International Group.

The Glassdoor.com list isn’t the same thing as Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For survey, although almost a dozen companies are on both lists. To be eligible for the Fortune list, a company must nominate itself and pay for the survey process. To be eligible for the Glassdoor rankings, 25 employees must have submitted verified reviews of the company within the past year.

Given that these lists approach the same concept from different directions (top-down vs. bottom-up), between them, they form a pretty good picture of great companies to work for.

What about your company? If you’re on Glassdoor.com, are your employees saying accurate things about you? (Good or bad?) How do you view the “best places to work” lists? Let us know in the comments!

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