How to Boost Your Business’s Entrepreneurial Talent Base had a great article earlier this week by consultant Martin O’Neill about how to develop entrepreneurial employees. While the phrase “entrepreneurial employees” might sound like an oxymoron, more business experts are realizing the benefits of having a workforce with an entrepreneurial bent.

To be “entrepreneurial,” employees generally display the same sense of ownership and commitment to a business’s success that they’d feel if it were their own business. These employees identify areas for improvement or growth, even if these areas are outside their regular jobs. In businesses that recognize entrepreneurial tendencies as a positive, these employees are empowered to implement their solutions, and the business as a whole benefits.

The O’Neill piece points out how many of the qualities of excellent employees mirror those of entrepreneurs—except one: risk-taking. But when we consider the qualities of excellent staffing associates, risk-taking is actually part of what they offer. Given the nature of staffing assignments, our associates understand that their jobs are even less sure than most, and they accept that.

Top Reliance Staffing associates also display the sort of results mentality, energy for new assignments and problem-solving focus that all make for great entrepreneurial employees. So while you’re developing your current employees’ entrepreneurial instincts, you can also supplement your workforce with staffing associates who already have that temperament. (Plus, when your employees become more entrepreneurial, they can use staffing workers as needed on their own projects.)

The O’Neill article is a good read, especially if you understand how entrepreneurial some employees already are—we do!

What about you? Do you consider your employees entrepreneurial? Would you like them to be, and why or why not? Let us know in the comments!

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