Warehousing: Stay on Top with New Info from These Blogs

Stay on top of warehousing with Reliance Staffing & RecruitingTo the outsider, warehousing might seem like a simple business that isn’t particularly affected by innovative products or concepts. As a warehouse owner or operator, you know better. Every industry has new developments that can make businesses run smoother, faster and more profitably, and warehousing is no exception.

But how do you stay on top of these developments? Industry magazines help, of course, but finding time to sit down and read a print publication is often tricky. A faster way to access new information (both in terms of the time it takes you and the delay between the news occurring and being published) is through warehousing blogs.

The best way to harvest the information in these blogs is by subscribing to their RSS feeds (like ours, right there on the right-hand side). Once you do that, new posts on the blog will automatically appear in your blog feed reader, where you can skim them to see if they interest you.

We’ve gathered some of the top warehousing blogs here. Most of them are connected to sites that offer equipment or management systems for warehouses, but the best of the blogs offer information and insight as the main course, with only a small dollop of sales.

Warehousing Insights – Part of the Cisco-Eagle site, this blog is great. It combines how-tos, insight from news developments and helpful information. The RSS link is a little hard to find; it’s near the bottom of the front page on the left.

Premier Material Handling Blog – Every bit as rich in information as Warehousing Insights, this blog goes a step further by adding videos on posts. As a bonus: it includes an adorable, Einstein-like character in many of the videos. Tragically, there’s no RSS subscription option, so you’ll just have to check in semi-regularly.

Warehouse Management Systems Blog – This blog is part of a software provider’s site, and it focuses more on the information aspects of warehousing: supply chains, data, etc. The blog isn’t updated very often, but the content that’s there is good stuff.

Bahrns Material Handling Blog – Aligned with the Bahrns equipment company, this blog examines different products that can help your business. It’s updated very frequently, and the subscription options are easy to find.

American Warehouse Systems Blog – The “material handling” posts are rich in information and helpful graphics. The blog as a whole also features military-related posts and conservative political posts, so you can read or avoid the larger blog as you see fit.

HCE Blog – The letters stand for “heavy construction equipment,” and while not all of the posts will apply to warehousing, enough do to make this a worthwhile blog to read.

Of course, another way of staying on top in warehousing is by having the best possible workforce. We can help you with that. Reliance Staffing & Recruiting has provided workers to Hampton Roads’ top warehouses for years now, and we’d love to show you how good we are at it. Click here if you’d like to learn a little more.

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