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Reliance opened an office in the heart of Suffolk, Virginia, on Market Street in 1994. From this location, we serve all of downtown along with northern Suffolk and all the new office, industrial and technical facilities locating to that part of the city. Reliance continues to be one of just a few Hampton Roads staffing companies who have an office located as far west as Suffolk, Virginia. Reliance is also one of the only staffing companies in the Hampton Roads area that is open full time, taking applicants for full time and temporary employment throughout the entire year. Propane and gas companies, general contractors, city government and schools, manufacturing and logistic firms, peanut facilities, medical offices, hospitality, packing, crating and distribution are just some of the industries Reliance is proud to serve in the Suffolk area.

If you are an interested prospective client, please contact Stephanie Lamb, Branch Manager of the Suffolk office, at (757) 925-0400 for more information and a visit with our Account Manager at your facility.

If you are an interested, qualified and experienced job candidate, please contact our office at (757) 925-0400 for an in-depth interview of your background and review of your desired position and career goals.

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424 Market Street
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