Back in 2010, OSHA began directing companies to give employees safety training in a language they understood. Now that directive is extended to temporary workers. (This is part of that safety initiative OSHA and the American Staffing Association have partnered on.) Of course, OSHA cannot mandate that safety training be given in any language ... [Continue Reading]

"What's ASA?" It's the American Staffing Association, the main professional association for the staffing industry. We're a member company, and our placement specialists have ASA certification. Earlier this month, ASA held its annual Staffing Law Conference in Washington DC. There, the heads of the ASA and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health ... [Continue Reading]

We've decided to "celebrate" tax month by looking at some of the things your taxes pay for that can actually help your business. These are all administered by the State of Virginia, though some of them are directed by the federal government. Either way, it's your money at work, so feel free to make the most of these services! One of the business ... [Continue Reading]

Today's post is by Sherry Sale, Placement Specialist in our Newport News office. I’m sure we all remember fire drills from school. However, they are just as important in business life as they were back then. Even though we are all grown up, the importance of being organized during emergencies is still a necessity. Here are a few tips to help your ... [Continue Reading]

The big legal news last week was about the one-year delay businesses have before they need to start implementing the employer mandate portion of the Affordable Care Act. But before that, the whole month of June was filled with cases, declarations and other developments in employment law. Among the major decisions from the Supreme Court, their ... [Continue Reading]

It's been a while since we did one of these, and May was a pretty action-packed month for employment law, so let's review the highlights. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) didn't have a very good May. First, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that employers are not required to display the NLRB's poster highlighting employee rights ... [Continue Reading]

Today's post is by Beverley Baraniak, Placement Specialist in our Virginia Beach office. Savvy employers have a variety of ways to help keep employees safe on the job, such as: Safety books, guides, posters, publications DVD/Video/Online/Interactive training courses Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regular inspections of the work ... [Continue Reading]

Today's post is from Stephanie Lamb, our Suffolk Branch Manager. There are hundreds of ways you can be injured while working in a warehouse. Employers are tasked with ensuring safe conditions for all their employees, including those who are temporary, so here are some best practices for warehouses, from the Labor Law Center: Housekeeping: Many ... [Continue Reading]

If your business is required to keep records of work-related injuries and illnesses by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (Form 300), today is the deadline to post your records for 2010. Forms, instructions and a list of exempt industries are all available on the OSHA Recordkeeping site. ... [Continue Reading]

In addition to being Bath Safety Month and Tubers & Dried Fruits Month (no, really), January has also been designated as Get Organized Month by the National Association of Professional Organizers. And it's a natural time of year for businesses to go through their records and files and see what they can get rid of. But employee records can pose ... [Continue Reading]

The OSHA Recordkeeping Standards are not widely understood by clients of staffing companies, which could create confusion within a staffing company. In an effort to clarify and simplify the application of the OSHA Recordkeeping Standards to the staffing industry, RCS has taken excerpts from those standards, OSHA publications, and OSHA Standard ... [Continue Reading]