Today's post is by Placement Specialist Sherry Sale, who operates in our Newport News office. Stress, what’s that? Oh you mean that pulse racing, tapping fingers on desk furiously, counting to ten hoping it works, agitation and the white-knuckle feeling of angst? Yep, I’m sure we all know what “stress” feels like in the workplace. There are many ... [Continue Reading]

Hot enough for you? We kid! Frankly, we've always wondered why summer is marketed as such a great "outdoor" time when, in reality, everyone scuttles to get into the air conditioning as fast as possible. And we totally respect that scuttling. But whether you're indoors because of this awful heat or because you've got a lot of work to do (or both), ... [Continue Reading]

Earlier this week, we talked about what managers can do to reduce their employees' stress levels. But what if you're one of not one of these managers' employees? (Or you're a manager dealing with a lot of stress yourself?) Are there any tactics you can use to reduce, manage or otherwise tame the stress you feel? Absolutely. No matter where you fit ... [Continue Reading]

By Bruce L. Katcher, Ph.D. President of the Discovery Consulting Group, Inc. It was 8:30 AM in the offices of a large Midwestern telecommunications company. The normally crowded, bustling hallways were empty. There was an ominous feeling in the air throughout the building. Employees were nervously burrowed in their cubicles. Many of them had ... [Continue Reading]